News From the Ranch

Where's the Wagyu?

Moloka’i Ranch knows. Company to produce top-of-the-line beef, promote island sustainability...

With the support of the island community, Moloka‘i Ranch will pursue our key initiatives by actively seeking the best outcome to achieve our goal of a sustainable future. Our ambitions are to satisfy Moloka‘i’s need for energy independence, to care for the environment, to share our authentic hospitality, and to implement best practices for ranching. Moloka‘i Ranch is committed to investing in a future to benefit all of Hawai‘i.

Grass-fed Angus Beef will be available for market in Fall 2014.
Of the island’s electric system will be converted to renewable energy upon completion of Ikehu Moloka‘i’s first phase in 2016.
Years of island heritage will be shared with the restoration of landmark resorts, encouraging responsible tourism and providing job opportunities.
Of Hawai‘i’s consumers believe ranch-to-table is very important. Continuing research will bring social and conservational well-being.