Surf Report

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For more information or to talk story, contact:

Our Honolulu Office
1003 Bishop St., Suite 1170
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 534-9509

Our Molokai Office
PO Box 259
Maunaloa, HI 96770
(808) 552-2444

Nancy Schmicker for general information.
(808) 534-9509 or

Kalak Bicoy or Malia Kino for water bill and general information.
(808) 552-2444, (808) 552-2391 or,

Dathan Bicoy or Raymond Hiro for land and property information.
(808) 552-2390, (808) 552-2392 or,

Sonny Reyes or Rex Kamakana for water operations issues.
(808) 552-2395, (808) 552-2394 or,

To schedule hunting on Molokai Ranch land contact Joey Joao at (808) 336-0095 for schedule, availability and procedures.

To inquire about holding an event on Molokai Ranch property, including launching watersport races from west Molokai, please contact our Molokai office at (808) 552-2444 or email

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